REVIVALIST International
PO Box 2001 | Cleveland, GA 30528 | 866-386-9777

How to Support this Ministry


Prayer is quite possibly the most powerful tool we have. The most common words I hear every time I go to an area that is experiencing a genuine move of God are something like this: "we decided several years ago that we were going to meet weekly and pray for revival." Without fail prayer always comes before revival. Acts 3:19 says "So now repent and turn to Him, to have your sins wiped out, that times of revival may come from the presence of the Lord;" Other translations use the word "seasons" in place of "times". In my mind the only thing better than a revival is a season of revival! Verse 20 says "and He may send back Jesus, the Christ who long ago was appointed for you." It is my prayer that there would be such a great move of God, such a genuine revival empowered by the Holy Spirit, that it lasts and increases until the return of Jesus!

Please join me in that prayer! Pray for God to move in your home, your community, your country! Pray that He would send workers to the harvest. Pray that those who follow Jesus would be faithful to Him.


Another way you can support this ministry is by prayerfully giving. We know that God knows everything we need. And we trust that He will let people know about our work and that He will provide through His faithful servants all that is required to get the mission accomplished. We are very grateful for all the gifts we have received thus far. Most every gift that has been given has been accompanied with a statement that God told the giver to give their gift to this ministry. That is awesome and humbling! God knows our needs and is faithful to provide!

I believe that when you support this ministry, you truly become a partner with us. God is faithful to reward those that obey Him, and I believe that when this ministry wins souls or stirs up followers to a closer walk with Jesus, those who have partnered in giving also receive a reward. "Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven..."

We are going to maintain a "wish list" at, accessible through the link at the bottom of the page, so that people can give through that avenue, and also so that they will have an idea of what our needs are. If there is something on that list that you have and would like to give from a source outside Amazon, please contact us and we can work out the details.

Monetary gifts can be sent to PO Box 2001, Cleveland, GA 30528, or through PayPal here.


Ultimately the best way you support this ministry is by being an obedient follower of Jesus. We all make up His body, and when we function as He designs and empowers us to, we all share in His victory. God has given me a vision that is far greater than anything I could ever imagine or accomplish, which makes it clear that He is the author of it. I know He is calling many workers to the fields in these last days, giving us vision and purpose. So as you pray, surrender yourself to Him and follow as He leads. Our prayer for you is that you would discover the boundless joy, abundant peace, and overflowing love that has been given to you through Christ Jesus our Lord! And that you would discover the plans and purposes He has woven into your life, which He will reveal as you grow in intimacy with Him.